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Every member of Forsyth Veterinary Hospital pledges to educate our clients, through honest communication, assisting each person to understand aspects of health care and preventative medicine, as pertains to their pets. Our responsibility is to provide complete health care and preventative medicine for our companions that will result and emphasize the best quality of life. We promise to offer up to date medicine using state of the art equipment and resources to provide an effective treatment protocol. We vow to treat each pet not only with the best quality of care but with exceptional love and safety necessary while in our care. It is our practice to honor and value the human-pet relationship. Our one-of-a-kind friendly atmosphere and environment sets us apart from other practices, where we treat you and your pet with integrity and respect.

We are happy that you have chosen to visit the website of Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, the little veterinary clinic with the giant-sized commitment to pet health and wellness. Under the guiding hand of our veterinarian, Dr. Gillis, our Winston-Salem facility offers a truly personalized level of compassionate care from our hand-picked team of skilled, experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on giving pets the loving care and attention they need and deserve, which is probably why we enjoy such a high rate of referrals and longstanding relationships with our patients and their owners. We're confident that you'll come to see us as your beloved companions' extended family as we help them enjoy a higher quality of life.

Veterinary Services for Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Lexington Pets

Here at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, we're pet owners just like you. We understand the anxieties, challenges and responsibilities that you face every day in caring for your animals. That's why we work hard to provide pets throughout the Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Lexington areas with a wide range of veterinary services -- while also providing their owners with valuable advice and recommendations so they can keep their pets healthier between vet visits.

That good health begins from the first weeks of life as we administer those all-important first wellness examinations and procedures, including vaccinations, heartworm prevention and spay or neuter surgery. As your pet grows into adulthood, we continue to provide wellness care as well as advanced emergency treatment if necessary. In his senior years, we can provide more intensive examinations, make dietary and exercise recommendations, and prescribe medications for any age-related conditions. Throughout all stages of your pet's life, you can count on our team for:

    • Preventative Medical Care - Deworming, heartworm/flea/tick prevention, booster shots, annual evaluations and other wellness care
    • Surgical Procedures - Sexual sterilization, emergency internal/external surgery, tumor removal, orthopedic reconstruction
    • Dental Care - Annual dental checkups and cleanings, extractions, periodontal disease treatment, oral cancer detection and treatment
    • Diagnostic Testing - Digital X-rays, electrocardiograms (EKGs), blood/urine/fecal testing
    • Laser Therapy - Low-level or "cold" laser light to stimulate healing and relieve pain/inflammation in injuries and chronic pain sites

      We also offer two services that may not sound "medical" but can in fact convey important health benefits to your pet. Pet bathing can remove troublesome oils and pests while allowing us to look for any signs of skin disorders. Veterinary boarding gives animals a safe, healthy, comfortable "home away from home" while also granting them access to prompt, 7-day veterinary attention if they need it -- even on holidays! Dr. Gillis herself can attend to any special needs or situations your pet may encounter.

      Our team at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital sees animal care not just as a job, but also as a passion and a way of life. If that's the kind of care you want for your pet, contact us today at 336-750-6300 to learn more and schedule an appointment! 

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      • "Dr. Gillis is an amazing vet takes care of all five of our animals"
        - John / Winston-Salem, NC

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