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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care in Winston-Salem Veterinary Hospital

Your pet has been with you through it all. You survived adventures together (even if a few of your favorite pairs of shoes didn’t), comforted each other, and played together. As your furry or feathered friend gets older, proper senior pet care helps you be there for them when they need you most. Our team at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital wants to help you give your companion the best senior pet care possible during their golden years. 

Senior pet care starts with proper disease prevention, including good nutrition, exercise, and annual testing. Here are our doctors’ recommendations on how to keep your senior pet happy, healthy, and full of life.


Most pet food brands have a senior pet care formula that provides nutrients to support healthy joints, skin, and eyesight. Giving your pet proper vitamins and minerals can help improve overall health and increase energy. Making sure he also stays at a healthy weight is critical. If your pet is too heavy or isn’t eating enough, this can lead to serious stress on the body that older animals may not be able to handle. As your companion ages, it’s natural that she may not have as much energy as she did when she was younger, but always encourage your pet to stay active. Talk to our doctors about how much exercise your pet needs at their age or what types of exercise are best suited for your senior pet.


Senior pets should be screened annually for the most common diseases associated with old age. A blood panel can reveal early onset kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection, and even cancer. Although we never want to imagine our pets getting sick, making sure they get care as soon as possible can help reduce, cure, or slow serious illnesses to ensure your pet stays with you as long as possible. If your pet experiences a sudden change in appetite or thirst, shows signs of weakness or pain, begins vomiting, or has diarrhea, make sure you seek our attention as soon as possible so we can rule out any underlying causes.


If your pet is having trouble getting around the house, consider getting a few mobility-friendly accessories such as step stools, stair ramps, or orthopedic pet beds. If your pet’s joints seem stiff, we can help you assess whether it’s arthritis or muscle loss, and what type of treatment may be necessary. Also consider giving your pet natural supplements to support mobility.


As your pet ages, plaque and tarter can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Tooth loss can make it difficult for your pet to eat or maintain a healthy weight. Mouth diseases can also fester and cause bacterial infections that can weaken the immune system. Keep your pet’s mouth healthy with regular brushing and mouth cleaning treats. If dental health is a concern, our doctors can also recommend scaling or professional cleaning services to halt damage. 

No matter what age your pet is, we know your fur family is a big part of your life. If you ever have questions about how best to assist your senior pet, don’t hesitate to give Forsyth Veterinary Hospital a call today at 336-750-6300.