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Digital Radiography

Pet Digital Radiography Provided by Our Winston-Salem Veterinarian

Diagnostic imaging for pets has come a long way. Today, we're able to take images of the inside of your pet to diagnose everything from broken bones to heart problems to foreign bodies within your pet's digestive tract. Advancements in technology have made pet X-rays and other forms of imaging clearer than ever before, making diagnosis even more accurate. Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, serving Winston-Salem, NC, and the nearby region, offers digital radiography services to ensure your pet receives the best care possible. 

dog at the vet to receive radiography

Definition of Pet Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a type of diagnostic testing that allows our practitioner at our animal hospital to capture an image of the internal structure of your pet's body. We can use it to view part of your pet's body in real-time, so we're able to see their internal organs function. Through digital radiography, we can view your pet's skeletal system and see their organs, muscles, and other soft tissue with our X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI machines.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

Technological advances allow us to utilize digital imaging, which is much more accurate than a traditional pet X-ray or other animal imaging. All imaging emits less radiation than previously required. Moreover, imaging techniques like MRIs and ultrasounds don't use ionizing radiation, which is beneficial since they don't increase your pet's risk of developing cancer. With digital radiography, we receive images almost instantly and in real-time. Today's imaging procedures are also less stressful on your pet since they take less time. 

When We Use Digital Radiography 

We use digital radiography to look for masses inside of your pet's body if they are experiencing certain symptoms or sometimes even during routine physicals. We use digital radiography to take images of the inside of your pet's mouth during routine dental examinations. Radiography helps diagnose broken or fractured bones. It's also useful if your pet swallows a foreign body or has heart issues. We may use it for other issues as well. 

What to Expect During Imaging 

The first step of the process for any digital radiography is to determine if your pet needs a medication to calm down. Usually, we identify this by your recommendation and our observation. Having your pet medicated keeps both them and us safe. Plus, we get the clearest image when your pet is relaxed.

Next, we position your pet either in front of the machine, on a table, or actually laying on the device. Then, we perform the test. In some cases, the imaging only takes a few seconds. 

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