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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography for Pets

Radiography, or taking x-rays, is a useful and common technique in the field of veterinary medicine. At Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, we use a digital form of radiography to look at our patients' bones and organs in a safe, gentle, and non-invasive way. Our in-house x-ray machine is vital for diagnosing various aliments your pet may be suffering from . We're proud to serve the Winston-Salem area with the safest and most modern veterinary techniques available. 

dog at the vet to receive radiography

Why Might My Pet Need an X-Ray?

There are many reasons why your dog or cat might need a pet x-ray. Here are a few situations in which we frequently use digital radiography at our animal hospital.

  • Your pet is here for their annual physical examination. We sometimes x-ray pets as part of a standard preventative care plan.
  • Your pet has a broken bone or suspected fracture.
  • Your pet has been in an accident, and we're checking for injuries or trauma.
  • Your pet is having a dental examination. Taking x-rays of your pet's mouth is the most efficient way to spot any developing tooth or jaw problems that a regular dental exam won't reveal.
  • Your pet has cardiovascular problems and we need to look at their heart.
  • Your pet has swallowed something they shouldn't have.
  • Your pet is having unusual symptoms and we're checking for tumors or masses in their body.

Is Digital Radiography Safe for My Pet?

Digital radiography is regarded as very safe. Many veterinarians prefer this type of x-ray to its predecessor, film radiography, because digital radiography involves very little exposure radiation. In fact, this type of pet x-ray is so safe that it can be performed on pets that are pregnant, as well as puppies and kittens. It's simple, non-invasive, and painless for your pet. 

In certain situations, we may need to give your pet a sedating medication so that we can get a clearer picture while x-raying them. We evaluate this on a case-by-case basis depending on how active or nervous the animal is and what part of the body we need to x-ray. Dental x-rays, for example, often come out clearest if your pet is sedated while being examined.

Let Us Treat Your Pet at Our Winston-Salem Animal Hospital Today

Our veterinary team at Forsyth Animal Hospital provides routine and emergency care for cats, dogs, and exotic pets. If you think you pet may need an x-ray, or if you have other concerns about your pet's health, make an appointment with us today. You can reach our Winston-Salem office by calling 336-750-6300, or you can schedule an appointment on our website.