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Exotic Pet Care

Exotic Pet Care in Winston-Salem

Bringing a pet into your home impacts the way you handle your lifestyle. Exotic pets, in particular, require appropriate care to ensure that they remain healthy and active. As a pet owner, you want to focus on Winston-Salem exotic pet care that addresses the specific needs of your pet without taking unnecessary risks with the health of an animal.

What Are Exotic Pets?

Exotic pets refer to any animals that differ from the normal pets brought into a home. Generally, a pet that is not a dog, cat or bird is considered an exotic animal. Some bird species are also exotic animals and require appropriate care based on their health and wellness.

While the exact type of pet you bring into your home varies, common exotic pets include:

  • Pocket pets
  • Snakes
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets
  • Other reptiles, like lizards
  • Other small mammals, like mice or hedgehogs

Regardless of the animal you bring into your home and life, you want to visit a Winston-Salem veterinary hospital with the skills and training to handle any possible complication that arises. At Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, we offer services and treatments to most exotic pets and animals. We also provide owners with specific advice regarding the care and well-being of a specific type of animal.

Basic Care and Health

The most appropriate care for any animal depends on their specific needs and situation. For example, snakes and reptiles usually require a warm and comfortable environment to avoid freezing or cold-related health problems. Make sure that pets have appropriate living environments based on their specific needs and health.

Dietary guidelines depend on the pet and certain animals have foods available in most pet stores; however, you will need to make sure you understand their dietary needs before selecting any food items. For example, certain birds and rabbits require fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Discuss any concerns about an exotic pet's diet with a veterinary professional to ensure that you provide appropriate care.

Seeking Professional Treatment

Although careful handling of food, exercise and environment keep your exotic pets healthy, you also need to visit a professional for pet care on a regular basis. A veterinary professional ensures that a pet has appropriate shots and medications for basic health and wellness based on the specific risks associated with a pet species. A regular visit to a Winston-Salem veterinary hospital also helps us catch potential health problems before it causes severe reactions or more harsh complications.

We recommend that you visit on an annual basis for most pets. When we have concerns about a pet or notice that your pet needs a specific booster shot, medication or treatment, we discuss the needs of your pet so you have the tools to decide on the next step of a pet's care.

Exotic pets require a certain level of care to protect against health complications. For more information about the care of a specific exotic animal or to set up a veterinary appointment, contact us today by calling 336-750-6300