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Surgical Procedures

Surgical Procedures at Our Pet Hospital in Winston-Salem

Here at your pet hospital in Winston-Salem, NC we offer comprehensive surgical procedures. Our goal at the Forsyth Veterinary Hospital is to provide everything your pet needs from diagnostic testing to pet surgery. Learn more about our services for pet surgical procedures.

Doctor and beagle puppy playing before surgery

Veterinary Surgery Procedures

Your veterinarian Dr. Ruth Gillis provides most veterinary surgery procedures. If you are looking for a vet to perform a pet neuter or spay we offer sexual sterilization services. For pets who have tumors, either benign or cancerous, we provide tumor removal at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital. We also perform orthopedic reconstruction on pets that have experienced trauma, such as a car accident injury, or due to age-related bone loss.

Pet Surgery Referrals

If we are unable to perform a surgical procedure on your pet we can provide you with a pet surgery referral. Dr. Gillis has a network of specialists on hand for a referral. She will help you find the best specialist in Winston-Salem for the type of surgery your pet needs. 

Surgery at Veterinary Hospital in Winston-Salem

If you have a pet in need of surgery we can help you at your pet hospital in Winston-Salem. We specialize in cat and dog surgery, as well as in the surgery of exotic pets including pocket pets, snakes, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, and small mammals. We are trained to provide comprehensive services to each of these animal types. We provide diagnostic testing including digital x-rays, wellness panels, and electrocardiogram (EKG) services. This allows your vet to determine the best route of care. If surgery is needed we will proceed accordingly.

Post-Surgery Treatments

Following surgery, we offer laser therapy using cold laser light to encourage healing of the surgical wound. This can also help with providing natural pain relief for chronic pain sites. For pet owners who need extra support for a pet surgery situation, we provide pet boarding. You can board your pet before or after surgery to ensure they are in excellent care by your veterinarian.  

Pet Emergency Surgery

In an emergency situation, you want to get your pet into surgery as soon as possible. We are here to assist you by providing emergency surgery for internal and external issues. We are open five days a week and by appointment on Saturday to meet your pet surgery needs. If you are in an emergency situation please give us a call to learn more about local emergency pet surgery providers in Winston-Salem.

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As your veterinary hospital in Winston-Salem, NC we strive to provide your pet with complete care. We offer preventative medical care, pet surgery, dental care, diagnostic testing, and laser surgery. Additionally, we provide pet boarding and pet bathing to increase the wellness of your pets. Contact Forsyth Veterinary Hospital at 336-750-6300 to schedule an appointment for services. Ask us about our current specials including discounts on first visits and dental care.