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What to Expect

What To Expect When Visiting A Full-Service Animal Hospital In Winston Salem

Whether you are coming in for a well-pet checkup or your pet is ill, it's nice to know what to expect from your veterinary appointment. Knowing what to expect and being prepared will make the experience less stressful for you and your pet. When you make your appointment, staff will take some initial information and will add any instructions for your first visit. 

Husky getting a regular check up at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital.

Before the Examination

When you enter your Winston Salem animal hospital waiting room you'll find a comfortable, clean place to wait for your appointment. It's a good idea to give your pet lots of reassurance in this strange, new environment, and it's important that you are calm and relaxed, which will help your pet stay calm and relaxed.

One way to prepare for your visit is to bring any medical records with you and to make a list of questions you may have for the veterinarian. Vaccination records, any major illnesses, injuries or symptoms should be jotted down so you don't forget them. It's also a good idea to let the clinic know ahead of time if your pet has any behavioral issues or special needs.

What Happens During The Examination?

Your dog or cat will undergo a thorough physical examination. The doctor will take your pet's temperature and will examine his eyes, ears, and mouth to check dental health.  The vet may also clean the teeth and gums. Your pet's coat and skin will be examined as well. Listening to the lungs and heart and examining the abdominal area is another part of the exam.

Throughout the visit, you'll be able to ask questions and your veterinarian will sit down with you after the visit to discuss any findings or address any concerns you may have, as well as create a plan of care. In some cases, the doctor will refer you to a specialist if the need arises. Medications and treatments will be discussed, as well as preventative care practices you can continue at home. Nutrition, exercise, vaccinations and flea and tick control may be discussed depending on the needs and lifestyle of your pet.

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If you are reviewing potential Winston Salem veterinarians, contact Forsyth Veterinary Hospital today at 336-750-6300. Our full-service veterinary services include preventative care and we provide care for cats and dogs of all ages as well as exotics. We offer a variety of services and treatments as well as pet boarding. Our clinic is a welcoming state-of-the-art animal hospital and our staff looks forward to getting to know you and your pet!