Forsyth Veterinary Hospital on Ear Infection Treatment

Ear infections can be extremely painful for our pets. Any pet with a suspected ear infection needs treatment at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, our local Winston-Salem veterinarian, for relief and healing.

What Is An Ear Infection?

Ear infections are caused by overgrowths of bacteria or yeast in the external, middle or inner ear. Our veterinarian near Winston-Salem treats bacterial ear infections in dogs and yeast ear infections in cats. When bacteria or yeast invades the ear, inflammation occurs and left untreated, your pet will experience excruciating pain and even deafness.

Common Causes of Ear Infections

In our animal hospital, we commonly treat ear infections in pets caused by:

  • Some kind of allergy
  • Ear mites
  • Foreign bodies in the ear
  • Skin problems
  • Thyroid disease in dogs
  • Tumors
  • Lake water left in the ear

Symptoms of Ear Infections

Unlike humans, your pet can’t tell you what’s wrong when sick or in pain. If you know the signs of an ear infection, you can get your pet to our animal hospital more quickly. Here’s what to look for:

  • Ear itching
  • Shaking the head
  • Discharge from the ear
  • Odor
  • Swelling or narrowing inside the ear
  • Loss of hearing
  • Tilted head
  • Off balance
  • Inability to stand or walk
  • Nausea and vomiting
If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, he or she should be treated by our veterinary as soon as possible.

What Pets Are Most Likely to Develop Ear Infections?

Statistics show that 20 percent of dogs and 7 percent of cats will develop an ear infection at some point. In warmer, humid climates, such as ours in the summer, the rate for dogs increases to 50 percent.  Dog breeds that have a higher tendency for ear infections include the following:

  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Schnauzers
  • Springer Spaniels
  • Setters
  • Beagles

How Our Veterinarian near Winston-Salem Diagnoses Ear Infections

When you bring your pet to our animal hospital, our veterinarian near Winston-Salem will look into the ear for inflammation, redness or discharge. The vet may collect a sample of material from the ear to look at under the microscope. From this, it’s possible to diagnose the cause as yeast, bacteria or mites. Further testing can identify the exact classification of organism.

If the pet is in severe pain, during the exam the veterinarian may need to use sedation. In addition to collecting ear debris, this makes it much easier to flush and clean the ear.

Ear Infection Treatments by Our Vets near Winston-Salem

Most treatments for ear infections are prescribed by our vets near Winston-Salem and administered by you at home. There are a few new one-time treatments that may be administered in the office. Ear mites are treated with medication put in the ear or between the pet’s shoulder blades. Yeast and bacterial infections require frequent cleaning combined with topical or oral medication.

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Ear infections are a common ailment seen by the veterinarian in our animal hospital. With prompt treatment and care, your pet should heal quickly. Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, your vets near Winston-Salem, are here to treat your pet’s every need. Schedule an appointment by contacting us today at 336-765-1225.