Flea Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital

Fleas can cause significant distress and discomfort to an animal. In addition, fleas can spread throughout a home and irritate residents. Your veterinarian near Winston-Salem works with pet owners to prevent a flea problem and treat issues as necessary. A range of veterinary services, including flea prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, are available at your animal hospital near Winston-Salem. Understand more about flea prevention and treatment services at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital.

How Can Vet Near Winston-Salem Prevent Flea Infestations?

The easiest way to deal with fleas is to prevent them from infesting a pet. There are sprays, spot-on treatments, and oral medications to prevent or treat fleas. With a range of products out there, it is best to discuss the prevention and treatment options with vets near Winston-Salem. A single product may be used to both prevent and treat fleas. Dogs and cats less than 6 weeks of age may have fewer products available to them.

What Are Signs Your Pet Has Fleas?

A pet owner can find an indication of a flea bite when they feel a bump near a pet’s neck, ears, head or paws. Black specks on the coat and skin of a pet are also indications of fleas on a pet. These black specks are the fecal matter of the fleas. In addition, a pet may become annoyed or scratch excessively.

How Does Your Veterinarian Treat Pets with Fleas?

Adult fleas on a pet are one part of the problem. The infestation will also include the flea eggs, larvae, and pupa. Treatments for pets can include sprays, topical treatments, spot-on treatments and oral medications. Fleas can spread throughout a home and reside in crevices of walls, bedding, carpeting and upholstered furniture. Pet owners can address fleas on a pet and in a home.

Can Your Pet Develop a Flea Allergy?

Fleas or any parasite can trigger an allergic reaction in a pet. A dog may develop Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). The dog will experience extreme itching, in addition to the formation of bumps or scabs on their back or neck. Seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Does Bathing a Dog or Cat Help Treat Fleas?

Pet owners can use a specially formulated flea shampoo to treat active infestations on a pet. The shampoo activates after a pet is out of the bath. Avoid mixing products and use any product as directed. Speak with a veterinarian prior to using any flea shampoo or chemical treatment on puppies.

How to Rid Your Home of Fleas

Pet owners can vacuum, use an approved insecticide and apply an insect growth regulator (IGR) to rid a home of fleas. IGRs are useful in stopping the next cycle from developing. Foggers are used to kill fleas living beneath carpets. Wash any fabrics in the hottest water possible without damaging the fabric or upholstery.

Flea Prevention and Treatment from Vets near Winston-Salem

Vets near Winston-Salem at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital serve pets and pet owners in and around Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Lexington. Flea prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are some of the veterinary services provided at this local animal hospital. Take precautions and provide beloved animals an extra layer of protection by taking advantage of their preventative flea and tick services. Contact Forsyth Veterinary Hospital at 336-765-1225 to prevent or treat fleas in your pet today.