The Team at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital

Ruth M. Gillis, DVM

Owner/ Veterinarian

Dr. Gillis earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science degree from Tuskegee University. She began practicing small animal medicine in upstate New York and moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 2001. Dr. Gillis has been in practice since 1985 and feels that veterinary medicine is the most rewarding profession. “I feel I have the best of both worlds, I am able to help our furry companions directly and in doing so, help the people that love and care for them.” She is dedicated to preventative medicine, and educating people on how to provide good quality health care. Dr. Gillis purchased Forsyth Veterinary Hospital in 2005. She employs a faithful, dedicated and compassionate staff. Dr. Gillis is a mother of two children. She adores her extended family of one dog, two cats, and tank of tropical fish. There is always an open invitation to meet Dr. Gillis and the staff at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital.

Keiya Scott, DVM


Bio coming soon!


Office Manager

Jill has a great respect and admiration for all animals. She has worked at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital since November of 2005, but previously had some experience at 2 other animal hospitals. Not only does she enjoy the animals, but she adores the clients she gets to connect with and the relationships formed through her work here.



Shelly has worked for Forsyth Vet since 2014. During that time, she earned a BA in Liberal Studies and a minor in Anthropology. Shelly has always had a fondness for animals and gets to express this by working around them. She’s the resident ‘treat lady’ and loves seeing her furry friends when they come to visit.


Resident Cat

Merle was born in 2009. He is a Himalayan/Siamese mix. He is a very special cat. We think of him as our house “grumpy cat” and we have been trying to make him a viral sensation for years! His favorite things are running water in the sink and giving people the stink eye. We all love him very much. He will brighten your day and will sure make you laugh.


Head Technician

Rachel has worked in the veterinary field since 2000. She ventured into human medicine for a short time but found her heart is in working with animals. She started out in general practice and has done some emergency medicine as well. She had worked at several different veterinary hospitals before finding her “home” at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital. She is a proud mother of her son, Justin ,and five fur babies- two dogs, two cats and a crazy bird named mango.


Veterinary Technician

Catherine started working at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital as a receptionist in 2016 after moving to Winston Salem with her husband Jonathan. Before moving Catherine studied Animal Science at Tuskegee University, she found her passion for animals watching her dad do surgery and teach at Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, so working with Dr. Gillis and Dr. Scott made home feel a little closer. In 2018 Catherine became a technician when she returned from maternity leave after having her son Archibald.


Veterinary Technician

Daniel Pendry was born and raised in North Carolina and is the oldest of 5 children. Daniel has always had a passion for animals, which was most likely inherited from his mother. Daniel has a zoo of his own, with 3 cats and 3 dogs. He lives in Rural Hall with his beautiful wife, Rachel, and their young son, Maxson. Daniel joined the FVH Family in September of 2019, but he comes with previous experience in the veterinary field for the past 15 years which began back in his college days at NC State University where he studied and formed his degree in Animal Science. He loves what he does because he gets to form a special bond not only with a variety of pets, but Forsyth’s loyal clients.


Kennel Manager

Kym moved to North Carolina in 2006. She is originally from Chicago. Kym is married and has 1 child. Her other 4 legged family consists of 3 cats and 2 dogs. She has trained her dog Mystery in basic obedience and he is a certified therapy dog. Kym loves all animals and is very thankful to be working here at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital.


Kennel Assistant

Tito joined the FVH family in August of 2019. He has been a friend to dogs for many years. Tito really loved his first dog, Osita. She was a special friend. Osita helped him overcome his fear of dogs. He has always admired wolves and would like to visit a wolf conservation center one day. His hobbies include science fiction and super heroes. When he’s at home, he enjoys watching shows, quoting movies and working on his own super hero novel.



2008 – 10/7/2020
In memory of our resident cat, Scratch who came to us as a stray adult having already overcome several obstacles in her young life! She was dearly loved by everyone as much as she loved them. Scratch, we know you’re still stealing hearts and we hope you’re still sneaking the good treats, and basking in the sun too.



2003 – 3/29/2015
Vincent came to us after a hard life in the wilderness. He scratched his own ear off due to an extreme ear mite infestation and we aren’t sure how he lost his eye. He was tough as nails but had the sweetest heart. He was protective over everyone who worked here and made it known on several occasions when another animal would act out. He would put any dog in their place with a quickness. Vincent chirped a lot and loved to give head boops, and was always on patrol at FVH. He took his
job of staff supervisor very seriously. Vincent truly was one of a kind. His loss was felt deeply by the staff and clients as well.



2010 – 9/13/2019
Maude came to work with Jill every day and was a fixture in the reception area. She was an old soul with a gentle spirit and made so many friends over the years. She loved plush toys, treats, and being close to her humans. She was the best dog friends with Roxie, Miss Daisy, and Millie. The entire hospital shut down briefly on the day we had to say goodbye to her after her battle with Cancer. She was a beloved family member to us all. Her physical presence at FVH is missed, but we remember her daily and hope she watches over us until we meet again.


2008 – 11/10/2018
Roxie came to work with Rachel every day and stayed upfront with her best friends Maude and Miss Daisy. She was gentle and quiet most of the time, but very vocal when her Grandma talked to her and easily excited when the treats came out. She loved her family, lounging, getting belly rubs, and sunning on nice days. She helped several dogs over the years by donating her much needed blood for transfusions. She was also instrumental in getting Miss Daisy to eat when no one and nothing else would. She was a loyal and loving soul and is missed greatly by so many.


Miss Daisy

2004 – 9/11/2018
Miss Daisy began day boarding with us every day after her cancer diagnosis and heroic surgery to extend her life. She did so well here with us and the other dogs her mom just felt better leaving her here while she was working. She was the first to arrive and the last to leave every day of the week. We were able to give her another really good 2 years. She was best friends with Roxie and many days would only eat when Roxie was with her. It was in her final years with us that she really became more like a dog than she had ever been. She was saved from a breeder who only kept her in a kennel and never had any interactions. She never played or even barked until after she got to know the other dogs at FVH better. Once she found her voice she really enjoyed using it. She left a BIG BASSET paw print on all of our hearts and will be remembered for years to come.


Auggie & June

2010 – 11/24/2015
2010 – 10/12/2016

Like all the animals that came to live at FVH, they arrived as rescues as well. They had a deluxe cage in the lobby and their favorite spot was always lounging in the hammock. They would curl up together so tight you could barely tell where one started and the other ended. They were great entertainment for the clients waiting in the lobby and often helped distract their worried minds. June actually outlived a previous husband named Johnny and then Auggie too. June was a fighter and feisty right up to the end. Their delightful spirits and hoppy jaunts around the practice are missed to this day.