Pet Pain Management at Winston-Salem Veterinarian

You never want your pet to experience pain, but when it happens you want to have a Winston-Salem vet on call for pain management services. As your local vet, we offer pain relief for dogs and cats. Find out more about how your veterinarian, Dr. Ruth Gillis, provides pet pain management at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital.

Cold Laser Therapy in Winston-Salem

One of the most progressive forms of pet pain management at your veterinary hospital in Winston-Salem is via cold laser therapy. This is a noninvasive therapy that helps stimulate new cell growth to promote healing after an injury or surgery. More importantly, laser therapy is useful for joint pain, such as for dog arthritis, and targeted pain. If your pet is experiencing pain caused by an auto injury or trauma we can use laser therapy to resolve muscle pain without the use of drugs or surgery. We offer cold laser therapy for pets here at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital as your Winston-Salem vet.

Pain Relief for Cats

In the search for pain relief for cats, you must be careful. Many of the drugs used for dogs and humans are toxic to felines. Never give your cat acetaminophen or NSAIDS for pain; these can be fatal for a cat. What should you give your cat?

Your best solution is to visit our local vet at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital to get a prescription that is best suited for pain relief in cats. Dr. Gillis will also instruct you on the proper dosage schedule for optimal results. Other treatments besides pain meds include a change in diet, particular for cats with joint pain or chronic illnesses.

Pain Management for Dogs

Finding the right treatment for pain relief for dogs is easier than treating cats. You can give dogs NSAIDS, as well as opioids, nutraceuticals, and holistic alternatives. However, with any pet medication, you want to get your vet involved. Some dogs may be allergic to particular drugs just as with humans. Therefore you want to have your pet monitored when trying any new pain relief medication for dogs.

If your pet is suffering from dog arthritis Dr. Gillis may recommend a nutritional program that helps battle inflammation. For the long term pain management for dogs with arthritis, this lifestyle change can be more effective and safer for your pet’s overall health and wellness.

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Here at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, we hope to provide your pet with pain management. We are a leading veterinary hospital in Winston-Salem offering comprehensive pet care for domestic animals. Dr. Gillis also provides pets with preventative medical services including dental care, as well as pet surgery, diagnostic testing, and laser therapy. We treat pets and their owners in Clemmons, Lewisville, and Lexington, as well as Winston-Salem.

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