Pet Dermatology From Our Winston-Salem Veterinarian

If your pet is experiencing symptoms of a skin problem, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. This will allow us to evaluate your pet, get to the bottom of the issue, and determine the best course of treatment so your pet can find relief.

Common Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

Unfortunately, skin problems in dogs and cats are relatively common. And because pets have no way of communicating with us when they’re experiencing skin discomfort, it often takes severe symptoms to creep up before pet owners notice the signs. For example, a pet with skin allergies may experience extremely itchy and irritated skin, but it’s not until a pet chews or scratches away patches of fur that a pet owner may notice that there may be a problem.

Skin allergies are common in pets, but another potential type of skin problem that we see quite frequently is that of dry, itchy skin related to environmental factors. Either way, any skin problems where a pet is scratching or biting at the affected area poses a problem because these areas can easily become infected.

Causes of Pet Skin Problems

What causes skin problems in pets? As mentioned above, allergies are a very common cause. This can include anything from environmental allergies to food allergies and even allergies to certain detergents used in washing pet bedding.

Fleas are another potential cause of skin problems in pets; these tiny insects burrow under your pet’s fur and feed off your pet’s skin particles and blood. This can lead to severe irritation, bald patches of fur, and risk of infection.

Environmental factors, such as extremely dry air in the house, can also cause skin problems in pets.

How Our Salem Veterinary Team Can Help

Our Winston-Salem veterinary team offers pet dermatology services to help recognize and diagnose skin problems in pets, as well as to determine viable treatment and management options. If your pet shows any signs of skin problems, schedule an appointment with our veterinarian and we’ll carefully assess your pet’s symptoms.

There are many treatment options available to help your pet find relief. For instance, flea medications can help to kill off fleas in your home, and prescription medications or even switching your pet’s food can also be effective in relieving skin allergies. If your pet’s skin problems are caused by a dry environment in the home, we might recommend investing in an air humidifier to increase moisture content and help better nourish your pet’s dry skin.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Winston-Salem Veterinary Team!

Seeing your pet suffer from skin problems can be difficult, but our pet dermatology specialists are here to help! If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with our Winston-Salem veterinary team, contact Forsyth Veterinary Hospital today at 336-765-1225. We look forward to helping your pet find relief and overcome skin issues!