Pet Eye Infections

Pet Eye Infections can arise for many reasons in dogs and cats. If your pet is affected by this condition, it is best to contact Forsyth Veterinary Hospital in Winston-Salem to meet with our veterinarian for proper treatment. Here is some general information to read about pet eye infections so you can recognize the symptoms and provide your pet with relief if they are suffering from this ailment.

Why Pets Get Eye Infections

A pet can get an eye infection for a variety of reasons. If your pet was recently injured, and their eye had become scratched in the process, an infection may settle into the eye if treatment was not administered in a timely manner. An eye infection can occur if a foreign body becomes trapped inside of the eye. Some pets get eye infections as a secondary symptom of a common cold. It is important to seek treatment for an eye infection because it could spread from one eye to the other or cause visionary problems.

The Signs Of An Infection Of An Eye

If an eye is infected, it will likely be visible when you look at your pet. Your pet may have a cloudy appearance in an eye or it may look discolored. You may notice your pet is trying to scratch at an infected eye with a paw to try to get pain or discomfort to subside. Your pet may keep the eye closed, or they may blink more than normal. Your pet may stagger when they walk as they cannot see as well as they usually do. Some pets will avoid activities they had done in the past because of vision problems.

How Our Veterinarian Will Treat An Eye Infection

The first step in treating an eye infection is identifying the problem. If you notice your pet’s eye does not look right, or if they are having difficulty performing routine tasks, it is best to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an evaluation of their condition. Our vet will look at the eye in detail to see if there is a scratch present and to check for additional signs of infection. Medication is usually used to treat infections and keep them from spreading or becoming worse in intensity. This medication is usually an eye drop form and will work quickly at relieving pain and discomfort.

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Contact Forsyth Veterinary Hospital in Winston-Salem if your pet is dealing with an eye infection that requires immediate treatment. Our veterinarian will assist in providing your pet with compassionate care and will make recommendations regarding options to bring your pet much-needed relief from their ailment. Call our practice today at 336-765-1225 for more information.