Pet Wellness Exam

Is It Time for your Pet’s Annual Exam?

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is a responsibility you accept when a dog or cat becomes a member of the family. Wellness exams are one way you can fulfill that promise.  Just like people, pets develop chronic illnesses that go undiagnosed. An annual exam by our Winston New Salem veterinary staff helps screen out diseases and conditions that will affect your pet’s quality of life.

What an Annual Exam Means for Your Pet in Winston-Salem?

You might think of the yearly trip is about pet vaccinations, but there is more to it than just a few shots. Our clinic professionals check your dog or cat for signs of illnesses that may shorten their life span or indicate the early stages of a disease. During an exam:

  • We do a general health assessment and may suggest screening tests like a urinalysis, stool sample and blood work.
  • If you are new to our clinic, we will do a medical history, as well. This will include contacting your previous vet to get your pet’s records.
  • We will talk to you about any problems at home or things you may have noticed. No one knows your pet like you do, so you are a valuable source of information.
  • We exam your pet’s coat, skin and eyes. This tells us a lot about your pets overall health. Dull fur may indicate poor nutrition, for example. By checking the eyes, we can look for conditions that lead to blindness like cataracts.
  • We will weigh your pet. Good weight management is as critical for dogs and cats as it is for anyone in the family. Excess weight puts stress on joints and increases the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes. We can recommend lifestyle changes that will help keep your pet at an optimal weight.
  • We check the ears for signs of infection, mites and tumors.
  • We listen to the heart for abnormal rhythms and check for normal breath sounds.
  • We palpate the abdomen and listen to the intestines to determine if your pet has any digestive disorders or pain.

As part of the exam, we will update all appropriate vaccinations, as well, like rabies. A rabies booster is required by law and an essential tool to keep your pet safe.

Do You Need a Pet Wellness Exam?

Pet wellness exams are a critical part of preventive veterinary care. This is true throughout all the stages of your pet’s life from newborn kitten to senior citizen. Pets can’t tell you something hurts them or that they feel sick. They rely on you to know when something is wrong, but for some problems, the only way that can happen is with a visit wellness trip to the vet.

Your four-legged companion depends on you for everything, including wellness care. The yearly trip to our clinic allows us to help you improve the life of your dog or cat. Give us a call to make an appointment today!