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At Forsyth Veterinary Hospital, our vets near Winston-Salem are committed to providing your pets with the highest standard of veterinary care in the area. We offer a variety of health and wellness services to help optimize your pet’s health and quality of life, including weight management and nutritional services for pets who could use a little help achieving a healthier weight. At our animal hospital, however, we have noticed that many pet owners don’t know how to determine if their pet is overweight or obese.

“How Can I Tell if My Cat is Overweight?”

Of course, during your pet’s routine exam at our animal hospital, we’ll always evaluate your pet’s weight and body condition. We will let you know if your pet falls anywhere outside of the normal, healthy range in this regard. In between appointments, however, pet owners should still keep an eye on their pets’ weight and body condition to be on the lookout for signs of obesity.

Signs of Obesity in Your Pet

  • If your pet is overweight, for example, you will likely not be able to feel their ribs when you run your hand lightly down the side of their body.
  • Furthermore, when you look at your pet from above, you may notice that they appear to have more of a “blimp” shape instead of an hourglass shape with an indentation near the middle. This would be another sign that your pet is overweight.
  • When you view your pet from the side, the stomach/abdomen should not have any excess fat hanging down. If so, then this is a clear indicator that your pet has excessive fat around the abdomen, which can pose a number of health risks.

How Our Veterinarian Near Winston-Salem Can Help

Think your pet is overweight or obese? Our veterinarian near Winston-Salem is here to help your pet lose weight safely. Specifically, we offer a number of weight management and nutritional plans to reduce your pet’s daily calorie intake safely so that gradual weight loss occurs. We can also make recommendations in regards to steps you can take at home to help your pet become more active and burn off calories throughout the day. And of course, we’ll provide you with information on how much weight your pet needs to lose and the healthy timeframe in which this weight loss should ideally take place.

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Obesity in pets is no laughing matter, so we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our veterinary team as soon as possible if you suspect your pet is overweight. You can reach Forsyth Veterinary Hospital by calling us at 336-765-1225.